Monday, April 10, 2006

Trouble in Nepal for Loktantra

[From a post in a forum on topic : Trouble in Nepal for Loktantra]

I don't see any support from the people. Only some people are going to the streets and destroying public facilities. Once such incident happened last night, when some protestors (2-3) came with torches 'ordering' people to turn off the lights as part of their protest program in very harsh and insolent way. They smashed the street lights and pelted stones at homes who nearly refused to turn off the lights. 4-5 little kids were also following them, who were shouting at people to follow their 'orders'. I was so annoyed that I replied impudently, asking who they were to order us to turn off the lights. They looked so much in hurry that I didn't hear any reply. However, some other homes who refused were pelted with stones.

The largest media groups themselves are calling the protests peaceful. Even when only 25-30 protestors take control of the streets, the media exaggerates the no. to 1000. The people are only afraid to speak against them and defy the aam-hadtal/banda (strike). All this is only disrupting services, and daily business of the people of Nepal. They could do something worthy and productive rather than waste their time in creating violence and chaos in the nation. The nation would have been wealthier if their minds had something good in them.

The government is not suppressing the movement as they say. There have been involvements of the terrorist group and they themselves confirmed it today (Only the 7-partymen were disapproving the claim of the govt.). Some of them have also been arrested by the security men. Every government would try to stop or at least minimize the disorder and unrest rising in the nation.

The protesting party leaders themselves are not very well educated and were proved to be corrupt and unsuccessful during their rules. Why not give the king a chance, when he has assured people of giving peace by taking the challenge in his hands? After all he is very well educated and has a great personality having decorated with several international medals for his works on nature conservation. And that the royal family has a history of more than 200 years of ruling Nepal. Its his ancestor, King Prithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal, that we now have this nation with diverse cultures, languages and nature.

It would be better if we stopped fighting and join hands, before its too late. Losing King, would be losing identity. There are very dangerous powers who are looking forward to take hold of the Nepalese land. We will no more be Nepalese then, the unique flag will be gone, Mt. Everest will belong to some other more than to us, Gautam Buddha's country will be another country, and thus we will have no identity at all.

And at last, let me tell you, democracy still prevails in the country, that even when the protestors are using swear words at the king himself, they are freely doing it out in the streets. The arrests that we hear on the news are only from select few areas where the demonstrations have reached a critical level, i.e. out of control.

(Right now in Gaighat/Eastern Nepal)

PS: There's no reason boycotting the elections declared by the king, and trying to throw the king out of his regime. The king must not give in this time, for there are a lot of dangers facing the nation.

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