Friday, April 14, 2006

कालो मोसो दल्ने: BBC unreliable news source

कालो मोसो दल्ने धम्की दिएर जनता जम्मा गरिरहेको छन्। बाँकी लाई पैसा खुवाएका छन्।

NEW: BBC is broadcasting false news. मा जानुहोस् र ब्लग पढ्नुहोस्।

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Anonymous said...

damn people
think about it. kalo mose is good in terms of nepal and its poeple. YOU won't know what you are getting at unless you get to where you are by getting there and beginning. The beginning will be for a change.

People believe in god beacuse they fear god. Its not because they have faith. If people fear to have their face painted in public they will not follow the rules of the society.
The dhoti movie hindusztani had kamal hassan kill himself because he was bound to work for the greater cause.
Think about it