Sunday, September 02, 2007

Serial Bomb Blasts Rock Kathmandu City

Today's bombings show that security in the capital has just worsened. At least 3 have died and several others injured badly. Indeed, the capital today houses more criminals, terrorists and their weaponry than ever as the security system is too bad. This truly shows that loktantra has been the rise of the evil minded people.

As these days I have been in Kathmandu I could closely observe this incident. I was stuck in a traffic jam in the afternoon caused by a protest rally by Maoists in Sundhara, the place the bombs exploded a few hours later. The rally headed from Sundhara to Tripureshwor, the second place where bombings occurred. I wonder the bombs targeted this rally (but impossible because the bombings occurred hours later) or they came from the rally itself (Noone has taken the responsibility yet but Maoists can be suspected as they have announced agitation and protests and have already warned to break out of the eight-party alliance, and still if some other group, these groups are still, in real, Maoists).

A high school girl and another woman are confirmed dead while there could be more because the explosions were very big and have ripped apart bodies and vehicles. There are several seriously injured people.

The explosions occurred simultaneously around 4 pm today. One micro-bus was totally ripped apart in the industrial area of Balaju. Another bomb exploded near the Tribhuvan University.

Two other bombs had exploded at two bus stops, one in Sahidgate, Sundhara and another at the entrance of Kanti Ishwori School, beside the United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor. People waiting for bus were the victims at both places.

Not to forget, bombings are killing people almost daily in other parts of the country. And noone cares.
UPDATE [11:00 PM]:
  • Maoists have condemned the attack. What? Are they making fool of us?
  • Sources say Terai Army and Terai Utthan Samaj have claimed responsibility

Saturday, August 25, 2007

लोड शेडिंङ र संविधान सभा को चुनाव

The water level has risen, rivers are swollen, floods have taken up their position in terai, but there has been no sign of discontinuity of the weekly load shedding schedule. Nepalis still live in the dark!
The current supply of electricity in peak hours is 540 to 550 MW where as the demand is 640 MW. What NEA says is that this deficit is due to what they call the generation backlog, whatever it may mean, and not linked to the water level. This only means, it will still continue for a longer period and Nepalis will still live in the dark!
So much so that NEA has already announced 11 hours of daily power cuts starting November. Will Nepalis vote on CA polls in the dark?
अब सोच्नुहोस्। शाही शासनकाल मा भने आन्दोलनकारी हरु ले लोडशेडिङ हुँदा राजा लाई दोष दिएका थिए।

Friday, August 24, 2007

November Rain

And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain
We've been
through this
Such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain
'Cause nothin' lasts forever
Even cold November rain
--Guns n Roses

Yet another joke from Maoist Supremo Prachanda in his recent speech in Kathmandu, he says the november polls be postponed (once again) because his YCL and blah blahs are causing too much trouble. He wants Gun-tantra to be announced right away although the country has already been through a sort of gun-tantra. Gun-tantra means a political setup where the nation is ruled by Guns.

It is not their wish to hold the elections. It’s only that they say it in public. They have even bigger dreams. It’s their Prachanda Path, in which they are supposed to create a big instability in the nation without being seen as the responsible for everything however, and then take over somehow later on.

What Prachanda said today:

• We favor the real CA for which thousands sacrificed their lives.
• We are being trapped.
• Our party wants a roundtable conference to resolve Terai issues
• People want our kind republic
• We are stabbed in the back.

Don’t be fooled by believing whatever he says. It’s just their part of the game to get what ‘they’ want and not what everybody wants.

What is it if not a joke to postpone the polls again to April next year. It was supposed to be held April this year and they already postponed it to November.

The Maoists are the only power in the nation who do not want the CA polls (but still do not confess to the public).
They are the ones to ignite the fire in Terai, the agitating groups are their factions, so how could it be true that their party want to solve Terai issues.

Uniting Nepalis Through Music

There are several ways we can unite the people of Nepal. A few good ones include music. Prashant Tamang has been an idol of unity to Nepalis living in India and Nepal by coming to top 5 already in the most watched TV reality show in the Indian sub-continent. Unlike other contestants he doesn’t even have had any formal training for voice, thus he has proved himself to be a true ‘Nepali Idol’.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nepal Play Like Champions!!

Seems Nepali players are improving...

A terrific performance by defending champions Nepal took them to a thumping
six-wicket victory over UAE in the top of the table Group B clash at the
Academy on Day 3 of the ACC U-19 Elite Cup.

Group B
Nepal v UAE at Kinrara Oval
Nepal won the toss and elected to field
UAE: 123 off 43.2 overs (A. Lamba 46; S. Khadka 3-26)
Nepal: 126 for 4 after 32.5 overs (G. Malla 47*, P. Khadka 33)
Man of the Match: Sagar Khadka (Nepal)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

शाही सन्देश स्वागत गर्छौ !

फेब्रुअरी १, २००५ मा हिमाल, पहाड, तराई सबै तिर शाही सन्देश स्वागत गर्ने को घुँईचो लागेको थियो।
photos (c) pr.right at

Monday, January 22, 2007

Poor Nepal

The government is showing its weakness. They are blaming things to Rajabadis, which is bullshit. Dont really have time to write everthing.

email address at rediff removed, currently using pr.right @ yahoo . com

We need king!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Losing Control

Hundreds, maybe more than a thousand, people, including children, women, students, old and those with heavy loads of packages, were stranded in the cold chilly night of November 23rd at Sahidgate, all wanting to go home in Sahidgate-Dakshinkali route. No one was sure why the bus wouldn’t come and the traffic police was not very helpful. Someone said there was a traffic jam somewhere in the middle of the route created by some ‘angry men’. It was hours of wait and a bus suddenly appeared already filled up with people. Many managed to get in and on the bus roof, now tightly packed, that one man in the seat said, “I don’t think it’s any worse than this in hell.”

It took more than one and a half hour to slowly crawl to Balkhu. The bus already old could break down at any time, anywhere. On the way we could barely see what was going on outside. Some men got down on the way, which made it possible for me to crouch on the spare tire before the back seat of the bus and see the outside. Our bus could pass slowly through the jam but there were many, some carrying school children, jammed for hours, which had to go the opposite way to ours. The whole system seemed to have been broken down. There was jam almost everywhere. And this is not the first time it is happening. I have experienced this several times before.

It seems the ‘homeostasis’ level is going down, which is not very satisfying after the end of decade old war. Loktantra is slowly suffocating people unknowingly, those people in land cruisers and long limousine would never know. They have never actually known the problems of the nation have thus become a problem themselves. Common people want to get rid of the greatest problem of the nation: all of the politicians, who have been time and again assuring people of peace, without actually knowing what it means.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The World Must Unite

I am back with more cartoons to post in coming days. What are we doing? Lets not fight anymore. Lets unite to be humans.
Use your creativity and forget what used to be 'bad habits'. Try identifying your good and 'bad habits'. Lets live and not die. Lets live and let others live. Lets enjoy and help everyone. Let the number of friends be the population of the world.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

205 Superheroes

205 Self acclaimed superheroes have taken over Spiderman and Superman.
Aren't 'Superman Returns' and 'Spiderman II' already released? Then where is Superman? Where is Spiderman?

Monday, April 24, 2006

The king gave in???

Now what?
The protestors are happy and more aggressive. They are all set to vandalize the houses of king's supporters. What an outstanding stage of Democracy??

Friday, April 21, 2006

We need King!

The King's proclamation was still in favor of Constitutional Monarchy. He said he gave power back to the people. We have not seen any reaction from the SPAM yet but we believe the power hungry leaders will now either start fighting for PM post, or go their way to establish what they call ganatantra. In no way these leaders can do good to the nation. They have shown that in the past.
The nation needs king, his direct rule. He is the only able man. He must first educate all properly so that no one will come to the streets again, then only he can give power to the people, the educated people, who will then choose their own government.
Now we choose king!
Long Live King Gyanendra!

King's address to the nation today

We all hope that the king will be strong in his address and break the backs and wills of SPAM and their supporters!
I read what Moriarty said in CNN website. I condemn what he has said about the King. This is not an American state. This is Nepal.
Hope to write again immediately after the speech ends.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Supporting HM King Gyanendra

We support the king, and he needs to be strong if we ever want this country to be peaceful and prosperous. Lets organize peace rallies, write blogs, create new websites, talk on radios and TVs, etc to support the king.
Long Live HM King Gyanendra.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Protest report from Gaighat: Can't trust Kantipur and BBC

Yesterday there were about 3500 people in the largest ever protest rally in Gaighat. The number is my counting. Others say it was about 7000. 20-25% were kids. People from neighboring villages and different parts of Triyuga Municipality had arrived to take part in the rally, but most of them came because of warnings from Maoists and the SPA.

Later, they vandalised the house of vice-chairman of DDC, Ramchandra, for the second time. This time they brought out clothes from the shop in the house and burnt them. The security men didnt arrive until much of the house was destroyed. When they had arrived the crowd was displaced itself. Later another group came protesting. The police didn't intervene but the protestors started pelting stones. As a result the police started beating the protestors, and fired tear gas shells. Soon the crowd of more than 3500 people was nowhere. But still some of them pelt stones hiding on the rooftop, etc.

But to our dismay, we heard Kantipur FM, the only radio that people get to hear 'loud and clear', reporting that more than 200 people were hurt and some hit with bullets, when only about 2-3 people were hurt and none hit with any bullets as no bullets were fired. The BBC reported that police intervened because the protestors were entering restricted area. It is false too. Everything happened in the street, near the house of Ramchandra. And it was the protestors who first pelted stones at the policemen.

We were watching all that happening from inside our house. And the tear gas instead of reaching the protestors reached inside our houses. We were very uncomfortable with this. As there was no internet, and the phone line was disturbed, I couldnt post anything yesterday.