Thursday, April 20, 2006

Supporting HM King Gyanendra

We support the king, and he needs to be strong if we ever want this country to be peaceful and prosperous. Lets organize peace rallies, write blogs, create new websites, talk on radios and TVs, etc to support the king.
Long Live HM King Gyanendra.


Anonymous said...

Amen- lets do it. Tell you, India has design on us, leaders are acting in behalf of india, and maoist are spearheading tactical attack directed by India. So unless we support His Majesty we will be Gulam of Indians.

Wake up Patriot Nepalese- it is time for action rather than discourse.

PatriotNepali said...

Hello Guys,
We are with you, Lets Join. Lets Defeat these SPA-M Thugs and Terrorists.

Lets Protect our Identity, Lets Protect our only HINDU KINGDOM and Our BELOVED KING. He is the only and True Patriot Leader.

What is the Way to contact you? Email me from Nepal News Discussion Board and Your Email Address, which will be secure.

Patriot Nepali