Thursday, April 13, 2006

Public Opinions: They vote for king

Wherever you take the polls you find that the people are happy with the king.

[As of April 13, 2006]

100% votes for the king:

60% votes for the king; none for others (parties/maoists):

76% votes for the king (See my previous post):

Some of the forum posts said:

1. if u turn the profiles of nepal politicians.. most are I.A. fail.. they get into politics.. leaving studies.. coz in nepal politics start fromn govt campus level.. when uneducated people rule the country,... obviously the country goes down the drain.. be thankful that the king is well educated... and has strong ability to make firm decisions.. and be patient for the next 3 years.

2. I support the King and I think we should all support his move. Nepal is what it is today because of these stupid politicians who cares more about themselves rather than the country. What have they not done to spoil the country? Their corruption and selfishness led to the birth of maoists. Were there such thing as Nepali maoists before 1990? I think not. Atleast normal nepali people could carry on with their life ... goto work ... goto school ..... without having to worry too much about what we have to worry about today. These politicians could have done so much for the country in these 14 years; but no, they just used the power of democracy to benifit themselves. Unless these people are shot dead or completely brainwashed, there is no use of democracy in our country. Even now, if u read Girija's recent comments, hez callling upon all the nepalese to go onto streets and protest against King. Why? Not cuz he cares much about people's freedom, but cuz hez gonna loose all the luxury and benifits that so called "democracy" which he've been enjoyin' and abusin' since day 1. All these politicians are like that. Corrupted inside out. Now the King has brought us all, who r tired of these stupid politicians, a new hope. No one knows whats gonna happen tomorrow...what the king will end up doing; all we can do is hope ..... lets hope that whatever King does, he does it for his country ..... let us all support his move for the betterment of our country. PEACE.

3. i support the King..coz he is determined to do somthing--as it seems..but he just hasnt got the chance...becouse the maoists+the political partyz.aint doin much...theyr onli burnin tires and holdin conferences in some random chowk and jus blabberin away...

most countryz now think that the King is tryna lead a country and he's tryna dictate but that aint correct- coz he's tryin his best.i fink..he jus aint getin encouragement from his people..

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