Friday, April 21, 2006

King's address to the nation today

We all hope that the king will be strong in his address and break the backs and wills of SPAM and their supporters!
I read what Moriarty said in CNN website. I condemn what he has said about the King. This is not an American state. This is Nepal.
Hope to write again immediately after the speech ends.


Anonymous said...

I am not in Nepal and hence I did not hear the speech.

Just read regarding it over the internet right now. I am disappointed...disappointed not at the fact that HM's gave up powers but disappointed because the wrong has prevailed for the moemnt.

Jai Nepal, Jai Sri Paanch!

Pradipta Shrestha said...

Yea, I agree. If you see BBC 'Have your say' comments, you can find so many good comments like these two (just for example):

Avoid more BLOODSHED!!! It feels funny to read Nepalese abroad supporting the protest rallies, when they, themselves are not here to take the bullets and suffer the consequences. Supporting a rally benefiting the terrorist activities and infiltration of terrorists in the Capital, Supporting a rally; where we, people living here, are forced to off lights from 8 to 9 in the night or have stones thrown in our windows by the protestors, Supporting a rally where people are force/ threaten to leave work and take on to the street, THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT FOR DEMOCRACY but A SUPPORT FOR TERRORISM.

The protest programs of the seven agitating parties do not have any significance, despite the number of people in the streets.It is of no value because the middle class, educated families who understand the situation very well are not taking part in it. The main leaders are also not in the streets protesting. Those who say that they belong to a certain party are paid to create violence, Rs. 500 per day with a bottle of beer and a good meal. These people in the streets are mainly paid for their actions and doesnot come as a act of self defiance. There is a good amount of Maoists rebles, and that is the main reason for the violence and the brick bats.The educated people understand the fact that protests of such violence will only take the nation from bad to worse.