Monday, April 10, 2006

False News: Violation of Human Rights in Nepal Protests

Nepali media is forwarding false news to the foreigners, and other Nepalese people living outside Nepal. Even in Nepal we get to hear false news. For example: The city where I live, Gaighat, had no more than 25 people in protests rallies, except in one yesterday, which included about 100. They were using swear words [like Chhapkaide, meaning slaughter, to the king and many other words I cannot disclose] that many people dont want to hear. They burned tyres, smashed the street lights and told people in very harsh voice and language to turn off the lights as part of their protest campaign in the evening yesterday. But the media said thousands of the protestors came to the streets in a peaceful rally. Thats unlawful and inhuman to report such false news.

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