Monday, April 24, 2006

The king gave in???

Now what?
The protestors are happy and more aggressive. They are all set to vandalize the houses of king's supporters. What an outstanding stage of Democracy??


Anonymous said...

This is democracy - Nepal way. Fuck. That is why I detest many Nepali Nepalis. But some Indian Nepalis are equal fags.

HM should have just crushed the movement.

Anonymous said...


You have not posted any cartoons off lately. Keep posting!

Jaya Nepal, Jaya Sri Paanch!

Anonymous said...

Our culture, tradition, religion is at stake,our very nationhood is under attack, and people are being treated as weapons all in the name of Maoism, Communism, and congressim. Are we a proud Nepali, now? So-called- leaders are being dictated by foreign countries, Maoist are being trained and supported by Northern enemy, and as ever we simple Nepali are being turned into Iraqis and Afgani.Where the only means to get out from this trap created by High Class people (elites in Maoist and in political camps), college drop-outs and bearer of dead idealogy is to fight with any means avialable.

As Nepali it is our duty to protect and insure our way of life-not be intimidated, forced,and coerced to follow and accept ideas and systems that is foreign and not in our best interest.

Anonymous said...

I have been traveling these days. So I wont be posting until I get free.
Sorry friends. But you can keep writing comments here and the Yahoo! groups for supporting the king.
Long Live the King!

Anonymous said...


Look at the following report. Now SPAM is going against it's own principles. It came to power with MOBilisation. We have to write regarding this to US, UK, EU, India, UN and others.
I really mean it.

Government to prohibit rallies
Kantipur Report

KATHMANDU, 2006-05-17 - Government on Wednesday has decided to prohibit protest rallies and gatherings around the Royal Palace and Singh Durbar.

The order, effective from Wednesday, prohibits all kinds of political gatherings, protests and rallies, according to Kathmandu district administration.

Many people have been staging protests against the delay in ambitious House Proclamation by the government. Earlier in one of many such incidents of protest, at least four vehicles were burnt by the angry protestors.

Posted on: 2006-05-17 22:46:46 (Server Time)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

SPAM is illegal, traitor, and not a political party but a Mafia of class people that believes in "holier than thee" syndrome. We need to fight and save Mother Nepal.

Looks like unholy alliance of Seven party and the Maoist real intention was just to strip His Majesty's privileges, nothing more than that. I for one believe that Monarchy is necessary for Nepal, sandwiched between two giants, India and China, the kingdom provides identity and independence, though it might look like a thin veneer.

But what I perceive is this- the class of people, Brahmins, are in majority and are elites in Seven parties as well as in Maoist outfit. They have made a mission to ape India, page by page. They are mostly half educated (drop outs) in India with strong Indian influence from chewing pan to wearing an Indian dress- an affront to normal Nepali. They see this uprising in the context of Gandhi and Nehru fight against the British Raj- now the villain is the King.

In order to vilify they have left no stone unturned but there is uneasy calm in the city. Everyone knows that Maoist have entered the city with arms and rogues, political parties claim they head the government but there is no sight of government or the rule of law- Maoist are extorting, industries are shutting up shops, and brazen looting are taking place- but the city is calm. The fight that this misalliance undertook to make King humble was done but after this they have no strategy to move further. Its a dead-end. The infighting for portfolio, department, and post is a crusade among them, shortly to be blind-sighted by Maoist takeover. I say this because 7 party are not in position to govern. It is too fractured and weak from within to move ahead- they have achieved this far with a help from the Maoist which is undeniable. And Maoist will extract a heavy price- which is Prime Ministership from these goons. Now, the Maoist are calling for Interim government and scrapping of reinstated assembly, the reason is simple to understand. They want to join government as a coalition member, dictate terms and conditions for constitutional assembly(farce) without the handover of arms (unconditional), seek separate budget allocation for Maoist activities, from feeding their rebels to going for election and insidiously control all the security agencies from Royal Nepal Army, Police, Intelligence to armed police force- and declare Nepal as one party communist state. This is the end game they are after and is quiet obvious to all but the 7 party are still floating in euphoria of humbling a Monarch.

Humbling a Monarch is at a cost that might prove dearly in the long run. The way the things are even if the Maoist take over (God forbid), Nepal will degenerate into a state that sponsors and exports terrorism, radicalism and extremism. Due to it geographical positioning- this can be a place where all the outcasts- from Taliban, Al Qaeda, to Kashmiri and Tibetan separatist movement can call it home. Who will be there to stop them, brother in-arms -Maoist? It is quite a situation where if I was a betting man, I would put my money in WORSE rather than bad.

To all the nation that have played a part in Nepal, directly or indirectly assisted in creating this situation, do be advised it has just begun, be prepared when shit hits the fan.