Saturday, August 25, 2007

लोड शेडिंङ र संविधान सभा को चुनाव

The water level has risen, rivers are swollen, floods have taken up their position in terai, but there has been no sign of discontinuity of the weekly load shedding schedule. Nepalis still live in the dark!
The current supply of electricity in peak hours is 540 to 550 MW where as the demand is 640 MW. What NEA says is that this deficit is due to what they call the generation backlog, whatever it may mean, and not linked to the water level. This only means, it will still continue for a longer period and Nepalis will still live in the dark!
So much so that NEA has already announced 11 hours of daily power cuts starting November. Will Nepalis vote on CA polls in the dark?
अब सोच्नुहोस्। शाही शासनकाल मा भने आन्दोलनकारी हरु ले लोडशेडिङ हुँदा राजा लाई दोष दिएका थिए।

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