Sunday, September 02, 2007

Serial Bomb Blasts Rock Kathmandu City

Today's bombings show that security in the capital has just worsened. At least 3 have died and several others injured badly. Indeed, the capital today houses more criminals, terrorists and their weaponry than ever as the security system is too bad. This truly shows that loktantra has been the rise of the evil minded people.

As these days I have been in Kathmandu I could closely observe this incident. I was stuck in a traffic jam in the afternoon caused by a protest rally by Maoists in Sundhara, the place the bombs exploded a few hours later. The rally headed from Sundhara to Tripureshwor, the second place where bombings occurred. I wonder the bombs targeted this rally (but impossible because the bombings occurred hours later) or they came from the rally itself (Noone has taken the responsibility yet but Maoists can be suspected as they have announced agitation and protests and have already warned to break out of the eight-party alliance, and still if some other group, these groups are still, in real, Maoists).

A high school girl and another woman are confirmed dead while there could be more because the explosions were very big and have ripped apart bodies and vehicles. There are several seriously injured people.

The explosions occurred simultaneously around 4 pm today. One micro-bus was totally ripped apart in the industrial area of Balaju. Another bomb exploded near the Tribhuvan University.

Two other bombs had exploded at two bus stops, one in Sahidgate, Sundhara and another at the entrance of Kanti Ishwori School, beside the United World Trade Center, Tripureshwor. People waiting for bus were the victims at both places.

Not to forget, bombings are killing people almost daily in other parts of the country. And noone cares.
UPDATE [11:00 PM]:
  • Maoists have condemned the attack. What? Are they making fool of us?
  • Sources say Terai Army and Terai Utthan Samaj have claimed responsibility


Anonymous said...

I think it is the SPAM warlords who have done this. They do not want elections and hence they did the bombings to create more violence. And when there is violence there will not be elections. The gameplan is very simple:

1) Create violence
2) Don't face elections
3) Blame the Royalists, Reactions, Hindu Fundamentalists, status-quoists
4) Rule as long as possible
5) Passed unilateral, unconstitutional, illegitimate laws with the help of Indian and International masters
6) Divide Nepal and Nepalis

Sagarika said...

halloo where r u? please write something again.Are you forget to proud that you are Nepali?

Bradpetehoops said...

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